Work with me


Every picture tells an intricate, exquisite story. I know that to be true. Photos have this magical ability to make us feel something. Someone. Like we know the person staring back at us. We laugh with them. Form an instant connection. Feel the essence of who they are.


My job – and my soul-driven passion – is to capture the essence of who you are and beam it out into the world as beautifully as possible.  


My name is Emma and I’m a Brisbane-based photographer (who is open to travel) and I create captivating images of creatively-charged women. Bloggers, entrepreneurs, coaches and artists. Women that are interested in making a difference in this world. You ladies are rockstars.


A little about my style…


I am all about the natural capture. My style of shooting is documentary, which means I have absolutely zero interest in rigid poses or uncomfortable smiles. No thank you. Gimme real moments. A twinkle in your eye. A quiet moment of reflection. A belly laugh (or two). Because there is nothing more beautiful or more compelling than that.  


Not only will you feel gorgeous while we are snapping the pictures, we will create stunning shots that you will want to splash all over social media.


I am hard-wired for finding beauty in the everyday. I love light. I love shadow. I love laugh lines.


Believe me, creating these images will light us both up.


I delight in dreaming up concepts that perfectly capture your vision and vibe. Maybe you already have a clear idea or maybe you need help unraveling it, whatever the case – I consider our creative collaboration a privilege and a pleasure. By the end of our time together you will have a heart-swelling collection of carefully curated images that tell the story of who you are. That make you feel proud, beautiful and blessed.


The women I work with love nothing more than real moments, fresh perspectives and a subtle touch of artistic flair. You’re dreaming of images that, yes, capture a moment in time; but beyond that evoke feelings, stir emotions and capture the imagination. Whether you are a blushing bride or a creative entrepreneur that is building your brand, I know this to be true: you value natural beauty, authenticity and art.

And so do I.

Whether you already have an idea of what you would like to create or are at the starting blocks with no clear direction, I am here to help you create something memorable. Not to mention that these shoots are fun with a capital F.  


A moment of real talk.


Unless you are a professional model, having a lens in yo’ face can feel a little daunting. Not only am I keenly aware (and uber sensitive) to this but I am also a Beautiful You life coach which means I am literally trained to make you feel good. Rest assured that I will ease your nerves in no time.


I will make you feel (and therefore look) comfortable. I will help you shine. I will capture the real you.

 You want incredible images for your brand, your website or maybe it’s for your latest exciting online project or eBook. I want to create beauty and celebrate creative women. Sounds like a match made in heaven right? I think so too.


Let’s collaborate and bring your idea to life.


As an online entrepreneur and coach myself I have a deep understanding of what you need, want and are bright-eyed and daydreaming of. I know the nuts and bolts of branding, blogging and all the things that build a business that rocks. I get it.


As part of your package you will receive my creative consultation and guidance; which could mean creating a concept mood board, choosing an outfit or just figuring out where the hell your hands should go. Lady, I’ve got your back. And I’ll even throw in the pump-you-up straight talk to will have you looking flattered (but not fake). Because that’s what friends do.

All packages include

+ Collaborative mood board

+Creative consultation (access to my brain and ideas)

+ Location suggestions

+ Your own private online gallery